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Returning your home to us

​​​Your property must be in good condition when you return it, so that we can hand it over to the new tenant as soon as possible. If it is necessary for work to be done to the property which we do not consider to be fair wear and tear, you may be charged the cost.

When handing back your property the minimum standard that we will accept is:


A clean property

The property must be cleaned to a good standard, including windows, bathroom fittings and kitchen units inside/outside and tiles. If the property is not cleaned to the appropriate standard you may be charged for the cost of cleaning the property.


Undamaged fixtures and fittings

All of the fixtures and fittings (such as the kitchen units) provided with the property must be in good working order, clean and undamaged condition (fair wear and tear accepted). Any fair wear and tear faults need to be reported in good time so repairs can be carried out before you move. Charges may be made for damage to fixtures and fittings which are not associated with fair wear and tear (holes in doors for example)


A well decorated property

The property must be reasonably decorated in neutral or light pastel colours when it is returned. This means no bold dark colours are acceptable on walls and ceilings. Ideally all gloss work should be white in colour and walls painted with water based emulsion paints in neutral tones. Wallpaper if used must be in perfect condition or if damaged or dirty must be removed prior to the property being handed back. Charges may be levied against the cost of making good decoration.


An empty property

All possessions must be removed from the property including carpets, shelves or other DIY type fixtures, emptying of lofts and sheds. If you have a garden it should be left in a tidy manageable condition, lawns must be cut and any hedges trimmed. We may charge for the cost of removing any item from the property and disposing of it.



What is a recharge?​

A recharge is a charge for anything that needs to be cleaned, removed, repaired or replaced and does not constitute fair wear and tear. This may be a cost incurred as a result of:

  • removing and disposing of property contents, including carpets
  • cleaning of a vacated property to bring it up to standard, including removing nicotine stains
  • redecoration of property where walls that have not been returned to a neutral, mid-tone colour
  • repairing or replacing missing or damaged items

We take a serious view of any malicious damage and in all such cases will seek to recover the full cost for damage caused plus an administration charge. We will also seek to recoup any loss of rent resulting from any remedial work required as a result.

If you require any further information regarding the recharge policy or the condition in which your property is expected to be left when moving out, please contact our Maintenance Team.​

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