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Keeping pets in your property

Columbia Estates operate a positive pets policy – within reason! All pets must be disclosed the company, and will be reviewed by the Property Manager to assess that the pet is suitable. Columbia Estates reserve the right to refuse permission to keep pets if the property is not suitable or the pet is deemed, for example, dangerous etc. The final decision will be made by the Property Manager. You have an absolute responsibility under the terms of your Tenancy Agreement to ensure that any pets you keep do not cause a nuisance to your neighbours.

Where complaints of pet nuisance are received, they will be investigated and if proven, Columbia Estates will require that you take immediate action to stop the nuisance from recurring e.g. excessive barking/pets being left alone unsupervised. Under the Dogs (Jersey) Law 1961 it is the responsibility of the owner to always clean up after their dog has toileted. Owners must keep their dogs under control at all times and not allow it out alone or unsupervised.

Permission will not be given for any animal listed as endangered or dangerous animals. Columbia Estates reserves the right to revoke permission given for any pet if a breach of tenancy is identified.

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